Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Yay!!! We're finally in Chicago!

Whew.......we're finally here!!! What a LONG flight! Max did much better on the second flight. He actually slept for 5 or six hours total, so is wasn't too bad. He's just REALLY not a fan of take offs and landings. The change in altitude is what gets him, really scares him. Not that I can blame him at all, I don't like it either!!! As long as one of us was holding him, he really was pretty consolable. Once we got to Chicago, Max was kinda in for a surprise. It in the 50's, which is significantly lower than what it is in Thailand, but worse than that, the wind!!! We had to get the poor kid a hat and gloves because he'd just shiver, and his poor eyes would water any time we would go out side! Wasn't too sure about the hat at first, but he loves it now!

We all just got up from a two hour nap......though I think we could have slept till morning. Max is just a little bit......well, cranky I think best describes it!!! Love you all, and we're soooooo glad to be back in the states!!!


Kull said...

so happy to have you back and can't wait to see you in church. Gail

Nate said...

Welcome back to the States! It's good to know that you are all together and home. Nate

Kull said...

So glad you made it home safe and sound. I have to admit I cried through every update I think so far! I'm so excited for you and LOVE seeing the pictures!! I sure hope you have plans of coming to Victory soon!! We all want to meet him too :-) I know your mom is on cloud 9!!! :-)
Love and Blessings,
Misty Hoffmann

Kull said...

Glad to here you are home. He is so lucky to have such great parents. These are great pictures. We can't wait to meet him. Hope you are enjoying your family together. You have been waiting along time. Give him a big hug for us. Aunt Jackie