Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just hangin' out

Today we spent a quiet day around the hotel. We did take a quick tuk-tuk ride to a local market, bummed around for a while, and ended up finding a McDonald's for lunch!! We've been playing with all Max's toys and working on our English flashcards. Max is a super quick learner, and LOVES to repeat just about everything we say! We also had a super fun time Skyping with my mom and dad, Stephen's mom and dad, and both my brother and his family, and Stephen's sister and her husband. Max was a ham to say the least! He kept blowing kisses and waving bye-bye. Its hard at this point to share too much of his attention, but we just had to show him off a little! Can you blame us?! He's just too darn cute! I'm also posting a couple pictures of Max at the pool yesterday evening. The rain stopped just long enough for us! Max wasn't quite sure what to do, he was a little timid, and just enjoyed throwing the ball into the water. We've found Max really enjoys "putting together" puzzles. His version....dumping all the pieces out, and putting them back in the box one by one, and then repeat!!!! The boy also LOVES to sweep...and fold napkins...and pick up his toys.....DEFINITELY a boy after my own heart!!!

Tomorrow Max has his medical appt check up and chest x-ray. We'll also find out if he needs any shots before we leave.

For now, we're off in search of dinner. Both Stephen I will be so glad when we're home and can cook for ourselves! Never thought I'd say that (I am so not a cook!) But, eating out for every meal can get a little old!

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday. We are so excited to be back and have Max worshiping with our church family!


Kull said...

Nice to hear the everything is going smoothly.

Atte took 3-4 hour nap´s every day at first, I think because the situation was so hard to handle for the little one at that time.

And he was so tidy at first ;) They have always cleaned toys back at the children´s home, but when we got back home.. he is not that tidy any more *lol* !!

So enjoy this "honeymoon" time, your "everyday" life is about to come, later ;)

Hugs !

Tarja and his boys

Kull said...

I just love hearing all the news and seeing the pics. I know you are enjoying this time with him. I am so happy for you.GailSpicer

Kull said...

That's wonderful to see Max get along very well with you guys so soon.

He looks very happy and so do you.

Lek and Edmond

Kull said...

Tim and I are so excited to see him in person! I seems that everything is going well!