Monday, October 18, 2010

Super awesome day at the aquarium!!!

So, today was supposed to be Max's dr appt, but his passport was a few hours late being prepared, so we had to push the appt back until tomorrow. Well, that was fine by us because it gave us an entire free day to visit the aquarium! Max absolutely loved it. We were a little worried that he would be scared because it is mostly in the dark, but he was awesome! So darn well behaved! We watched the penguins and sharks being fed and he just loved pointing to everything he saw and making sure daddy and I saw it too! Poor Stephen's arm got super tired. Max is pretty much attached to his daddy's hip (which of course Daddy absolutely loves!), but skinny as Max is, he still gets pretty darn heavy after a while. We've looked everywhere for a cheap little umbrella stroller, but we haven't found one yet. So, looks like daddy's arms are going to keep getting a work out!

After the aquarium, we went strolling around the mall attached to it. It had a HUGE food court with tons of things to choose from. After lunch we went to DQ for some ice cream, Max's (and mommy's) favorite! He super enjoyed his ice cream cone, as you can see from what's all over his face!!!

Max also picked out a puzzle which helps us work on our numbers, and out of all the DVD's he had to choose from, he picked Stuart Little, so looks like that's what we'll be watching tonight. He even took a ride on a little train which he was pretty excited about.

It amazes me how he doesn't cry or fuss about things most kids do. A couple of times in the toy section he would point to or pick up things that caught his eye, and when told that we couldn't buy it and when asked to put it back on the shelf, he did so without any complaint. Such a little trooper!!! We would have loved to buy him everything he wanted, but our suitcases (and wallets!) just won't let us. But we know he's got PLENTY of stuff waiting for him at home.

Just on a more serious, sentimental mom was awesome!!!! At one point, I looked at Stephen and turns out we were thinking the same thing. This is what we've been waiting for! We were out, a family of three, doing exactly what families are supposed to be doing....being together, doing fun stuff! And, I know that at some point, the honeymoon very well may end...but I just have to say, Max is so darn well behaved (I noticed when proof reading the blog, that the font we chose makes d-a-r-n look like something else! Just wanted to clarify)! Thank you so, so, so much to the nannies at Pakkred, you have taught out son well!!! Enjoy the pictures everyone!

Before we left for the aquarium, we had a little dance party in our hotel room. Max was using the remote as a microphone! Like mother like son!

Check out my sweet fo-hawk mom gave me. I'm just the cutest kid ever!!!

Max likes to help mommy and daddy take pictures. They don't always turn out though!!


Kull said...

I am sooo happy for you!! God has truly answered our prayers. He is adorable. Can't wait to see and hug him. God bless you all and have a safe trip home.

Great Grandma Dot

Kull said...

Very happy for you both. God is so good. Max is a perfect fit for your family.

Donna said...

Glad to keep receiving the great posts! Can't wait to see our wonderful grandson! (And hope you find a stroller SOON!!)

Kull said...

you two look like naturals! he is so stinkin adorable!
Sarah and Dan

Kull said...

Yeah, we loved the Aquarium too and the whole Siam Paragon store- super cool. Those Penguins were great and lot of fun to watch.

Max looks like he has been your son forever and you two look so happy and proud mom and dad !

So glad, that we have privileged to be able to live along your journey to become a family.

Tarja and his boys