Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The perfect girl's day!

This past weekend, Ellie, my mom and I headed to St. Louis for Disney Live!  It was awesome!!  Ellie was so excited to see Princess Sophia (she was ADORABLE in her princess dress) and had a blast!  The lights and music and dancing kept her attention the whole time (and the huge snow cone didn't hurt either!!).  She kept shouting "Mommy, look!"

It was such a special time for my mom and I.  We've talked for years about getting to have "girl dates" with my little girl and now here we are!!! 

 Lunch before the show....such a goof ball!

Who needs a tiara when you've got a Sophia baseball hat!

It was such a great day, and we made a ton of awesome memories!!!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Our girl is 3!!!

What an emotional weekend!  We had an amazing time celebrating Ellie's big day...but I found myself so many times just staring at her thinking "oh my word she's here...she's really here."  I remember celebrating her second birthday last year and longing to have her here and now she is and its more incredible that I ever could have imagined!  And then I get even more emotional when I think about her Thai momma and wonder if she's thinking of her today as well.  Does she know the blessing she is to us?  Does she know how smart and funny she is?  My constant prayer is that somehow she has God's overwhelming peace about her choice for life for our precious girl. 

Ok, now for the not so heavy, and much more!!!

Friday night we had a small family party...Minnie Mouse themed of course!

Practicing her "I'm three!!"

I think she LOVED the cake :)

Such a silly girl!

 Love these two!

Birthday morning!!  Starting it off with a healthy breakfast of donuts :)

My and my pretty girl heading to church

Time for presents!

Modeling her new slippers

Ellie has been OBSESSED with Max's laptop for the past she got her own "dap dop" as she calls it :)

One of Max's gifts!

Max's other gift!

Lets eat cake!!!

E's cake made by us (Max made a "minnie mouse", Stephen made a hair bow and I made a flower).  Professionals we are not :)

Well, it might not have been pretty, but she sure seemed to love it!!

Oh, what a weekend!  I LOVE these special days when we can stop and remind ourselves again just how blessed we are by these amazing little people in our lives!!  Happy birthday Ellie girl!!