Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry CHRISTmas Max!!!

Oh holy cow, Max made out like a bandit this year!!! Stephen and I are beginning to think there's nothing left that we'll need to buy for him before he gets home! We spent a fabulous Christmas week in North Carolina with Stephen's parents and had a blast! Then we had my side of the family's Christmas on New Year's Day. Tons of fun!!!

As you can see from the pictures, Max got tons of clothes, books, toys, and lots of practical stuff too (that was by mom's request!!! socks, undershirts, sippy cups and a baby gate!)

Also, Max's awesome Aunt Rae-Rae made Max some wall art that perfectly matches his bedding!! We were super excited about those!
Its amazing to me how many people share our intense love of this perfect little boy that we've only met through pictures. Max is our son, without a doubt we are so in love with him. And the cool part is he is also a super loved grandson, great grandson, nephew and cousin!!! We are so blessed with such an incredible family.
And, a HUGE thank you to all our loved ones who went above and beyond this awesome holiday season and contributed to our adoption fund! We are so more than ready to bring this little guy home, and your help is beyond appreciated.
We love you all so much and hope you enjoy the pictures of all Max's new stuff! I can just picture him playing with all of it! Oh Lord, please make it soon!!!
Happy New Year to everyone......and may it be the year we bring Max home!!!