Thursday, November 29, 2012

A whole lot of Thanks to be giving!!!

We had a fantastic Thanksgiving in North Carolina this year!  We had a great time with Stephen's parents (as always!) and all daydreamed of next year when our sweet girl will be here with us!!! 

Last year when we were there at Christmas, Max planted his very own tree and he was soooo excited to see how much it had grown in the last year!

One thing Max had been talking about the last couple of weeks was how badly he wanted to bake an apple pie.  Not sure where he came up with this little idea, but anyone who knows me well knows that I'm not much of a pie maker :)  I'm great at keeping a clean house, I'm organized and always on time....but boy oh boy, my strength is NOT in the baking/cooking department!!!  So, grandma to the rescue!!!

On Friday, we went to an AMAZING place in Ashville called The Grove Park Inn to see a "ginger bread" display.  I put it in quotes because despite being reassured that everything in these creations was edible, I still can't quite believe it!!  These things were amazing!!! 

Just like when we were here last year at Christmas, Max made sure Grandpa marked the beam in the basement to show how much he's grown.  I know my little man isn't quite so little anymore, but holy moly, I didn't realize he had grown this much!

Hard to tell by the picture maybe, but its seriously like 4-5 inches!  He's getting so big!!!

And Max's face in this last picture sums up the whole weekend!

And now for the BEST time of the year!!!

Thursday, November 1, 2012

A whole lot of fun!!

Well between a certain someone turning thirty around here and Halloween, we've been having all kinds of fun!!!  Max and Stephen whisked me off to Chicago this past weekend for all kinds of surprises!!  I was treated to shopping, a massage and pedicure, and a SUPER fancy night out on the town (Max stayed with his cousins) followed by an equally fancy brunch the next morning.  It was CRAZY!!!  If this is what turning thirty is like...I'll gladly do it a few more times :) 

  View from our room!!
 Heading out on the town!!
 Meson Sabika, the awesome place we had brunch!
Oh how I love this goof!

And of course I have to share picks of our cute little trick-or-treater!!  Max wanted to be a Texas A&M football player this year.  Pretty darn cute don't you think!?
Max is already soooo excited about taking Ellie out with us next year.  He's already declared that she will be a ballerina!  I kinda love that idea, so hopefully she'll be ok with it!! 

Can't believe its November 1st!  Thanksgiving in three weeks?!?!  Is that right???  I LOVE this time of year.  I am always a bit sad about how quickly it seems to fly by though.  I've already started making some of my Christmas gift in hopes of not feeling so stressed and just being able to enjoy my family and this AMAZING season!!