Saturday, September 11, 2010


Well, its official! We have our plane tickets! Departing St. Louis on October 12th and returning home on October 29th. We're stretching our trip out a bit, but we don't want to be rushed and want to have plenty of time to bond as a family of three before we head home to meet the rest of the crew! Still awaiting I-800 approval, but it should be any day now and we're definitely right on track for our October 20th board meeting! 35 days until we meet Max!!!!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

44 days and counting!!!

We heard from our social worker in Thailand today, and she's got everything ready for us to meet Max on Friday, October 15th!!!! I love, love, love that we now have a date! Makes everything so much more real!!! We're planning to fly out from St. Louis on the 12th, arrive in Bangkok on the 13th, pick up Max on the 15th, and appear before the board on the 20th!!!!!!! We still haven't decided on our return date. We want to be sure to give ourselves plenty of time to complete all the paperwork we need. It would be better to have too much time, then not enough and have to change our flight back at the last minute!

We've been super busy moving this week. Yes, that's right...moving! Our current house is going to be rented and we're moving into a smaller place a few streets down (still with plenty of space for the three of us!). We've been really praying that some how God would guide our finances that I'd be able to stay home with Max as much as possible. Well boy did He move with this one! Not only will our current mortgage be paid in full each month by our renters, but our new rent will be only half our mortgage! Makes me so excited just thinking about the burden that has been lifted by this!

Our first priority in our new place is to get Max's room looking as awesome as possible!! My only "sadness" about leaving our house was that Max wasn't going to get to see the super cool room that Stephen and I had made for him. But, we're going to make this new room as similar to that as possible! We'll be sure to post pictures when its ready!