Friday, February 27, 2009

Slowly but Surely

Hi Everyone! We are really sorry its been so long since we've blogged. We haven't had much excitement on the adoption front until recently. We found out this week that our dossier has made it to Thailand!!! God has just really blessed us with a speedy process. We were under the impression that our dossier wouldn't even be mailed until we completed our paperwork with immigration, but much to our excitement, we were able to proceed! Speaking of immigration, we heard from them this week too ( we were anticipating another 6-8 week wait)!!! Stephen and I go to St. Louis on Monday to get our final set of fingerprints. This is huge believe it or not! This is the final, and we mean final, step in the process as far as what we need to complete. Once we get this done, all we have to do is wait.......and be matched!!!!! We're still hoping to have the name and picture of our child by the end of the year, and travel in 2010. So, we've got some serious waiting ahead of us. But, its a comfort to know that all of our paperwork has reached Thailand. Please pray for us, and for patience through the home stretch. So far, our patience hasn't been tested much, everything has truly been moving along so quickly. But now is where it gets hard. And for those of you who don't already know this...I'm not the most patient person.....especially when it comes to being a mom!!!