Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Officially official!!

Yesterday was our finalization....about darn time :)  Everyrthing went perfectly... the judge was kind, our family was there with us, and our sweet girl smiled sheepishly as we all made a big fuss over her :)  Just like with Max, the flood of emotions caught me a bit by surprise, but how can you not be teary eyed in a moment like that?!  

We talked to Ellie a lot about what we were heading to the courthouse for but you know, things like adoption law get a bit lost on three year olds :). All she cared to know was that Stephen and I were "going bye-bye too" and off we went!  

Max behaved like his usual studly self and gave the judge a weird look when he asked if he was excited about his "new sister."  I could just hear his thoughts "new?  She's been around quite a while buddy!"  

So happy to have this last formal step done!  This little lady has long since been "ours" but it's nice to hear it declared "official"!!'