Saturday, October 9, 2010

A room just for Max!

Well, we would have loved to have painted the walls blue like his last room, but this room will do just fine! I'm so excited to have all his stuff ready and to know that he'll be coming home to it VERY soon. I know I keep saying this, but it all just seems so surreal still! But...with only 64 hours until our plane takes off...I'm sure reality will set in quickly!!!

Today we had a great time buying some gifts for the nannies and teachers at the babies home, and also picking out some toys to donate for the kids. We (mainly me!) have also been stressing over finding the "perfect" outfit to wear for the board meeting. Silly I know, but I really want to make a good impression! I think in a time where everything is so out of my control, I find myself fixating on the little things I can control!!! And....I always love an excuse to buy new clothes!

Now for some packing. I have piles everywhere! Max's pile, mom and dad's pile, carry on pile, gift pile, toy pile. Oh, but the mess is well worth it!!!! And knowing me, it will be organized in no time :)

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Kull said...

What wonderful news. Norm and I both hope you have a wonderful meeting and trip home with Max.

I am excited for you.

Maralyn Hill