Friday, October 22, 2010

U.S.A......we're on our way!!!

Hooray!!!! Today we had our Visa appt. Everything went great! Originally we had been told last week that we would not receive Max's Visa until Wednesday, the 27th. Well, that posed a problem because our plane tickets have us leaving on the night of the 26th!!! We explained to them the problem, and that we had been told when we made our travel arrangements that we would be good to go. The staff at the Embassy told us they would try their best, but not to expect to leave the country until Thursday the 28th!!! Well, we've been praying like crazy that everything would come together, and sure enough....God provided!!!! We were told Max's Visa would for sure be ready at 3pm on Tuesday, giving us plenty of time to get the airport for our flight! Stephen and I could not wipe the smiles off our faces! We've had a blast here in Thailand, but we're so pumped to get our little man back home to his very own house!!!

After the Embassy, we did a little shopping for some Thai souvenirs and boy did we find all kinds of good stuff! Also, we went to this HUGE gem store. Thailand is famous for their rubies and sapphires. Holy cow, they had some crazy expensive jewelry!!! But, for the most part, things were super reasonably priced. Max and Daddy bought Mommy a beautiful necklace with Max's birthstone!!!

After our exciting day out, we hit the pool. It was HOT today! Max is really becoming a fish! Not sure what the plan is for tomorrow. But, we're looking forward to our three day weekend here in Bangkok before heading home next week!!!!


Nate said...

Looks like one really happy young man ... not to mention the parents. This has been so terrific! -Nate

Kull said...

Hooray!!!! God came through for you again, just as I knew He would. Never had a doubt. Have a safe and peaceful journey home. The necklace is lovely and will be a wonderful remembrance of this time in your lives.Max is a very kucky little man to have such loving parents.

Great Grandma Dot

Kull said...

We are so excited for you! You guys make a great family and he is the cutest thing ever! Isn't becoming parents the best feeling ever. I know you guys will make great parents and you are all three so lucky to have each other. Cherish every moment. There's no rush, but when you guys get home and settled in--we have something for you guys. I hoped to get it to you before you left, but it just didn't happen. No rush though--enjoy your time with your little man. Congrats again!! Julie Z

Kull said...

God is good, ALL the time. My prayers are with you all. Max is so cute!!

Kull said...

Like there was any doubt that the Visa wouldn't come through...LOVE IT. GOD is GREAT! Call us when your ready.