Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hanging out in Seoul

Hallelujah!!! We made it through the longest leg! 14 hours on a flight is TOUGH! No matter how friendly the flight attendants are, or how many movie choices you have! But, we're here and the flight was smooth, so we can really ask for more. We've got about 30 minutes before the next flight boards, then about 5ish hours, and we'll be in Bangkok!!!! Pretty travel weary at this point, but still unbelievably excited for what's to come. Love you all!!


Kull said...

Praying you all the way there! Also praying for quiet planes so you guys can get some sleep!

Love, Mom/Grandma (and Grandpa Max)

Kull said...

Yeah!! almost there. Praying for you travels

Kull said...

Wish I had checked this earlier, I would have skipped out of work and come to the airport to see you. Hope the rest of your flight went well!!

Uncle Jim

Mike said...

Dad and I having been traveling with you in our thoughts and prayers. You know me I have been tracking your flights since yesterday, just saw that you have landed in Bangkok. Yeah!! Hopefully with all the excitement you will be able to get some rest. Miss you guys. We send you our love.
Meemaw and Pops

Kull said...

Just heard that you guys made it to Bangkok!!! Hopefully you are getting some good rest because Ang...IT'S BABY TIME!!!!! WooHoo!!! Love you guys and are SOOO unbelievably excited for you!!