Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It's Official!!!! We're approved!!

We're approved! The board meeting went great!!! No need to be nervous at all. Max acted like a perfect gentleman, and the board members were super nice! They said Max seemed quite happy with us, and they asked if we were "happy with him" Are you kidding me?!?!?! We are in love with this boy!!!! We're beyond happy!!! And, minus the "are you kidding me" part, we told them just that!

After the board meeting, we went back to the hospital where poor Max got three shots in his backside! We wasn't too happy during the process, but afterward was all smiles again.

We dropped all our papers off at the embassy after that, and got our Visa appt for 1:00 on Friday!

So, we've got a free day tomorrow and we're really looking forward to it!

Max is really into taking pictures. He loves to point anything he can pretend is a camera at Stephen and I and say "say cheese!" So, today I let him snap a few pictures of himself with our camera and he thought that was just the coolest thing ever! I'm including one of the really cute ones he took in today's pictures.

We ended the afternoon with popsicles at the shop outside our hotel, and now we're relaxing in the room! What a great day!!!


Kull said...

Edmond and Lek

Kull said...

Congratulations, that's awesome news! Welcome -Max- to the family... officially, that is! We're so blessed to have you!
Love, Aunt Julie & Uncle Jim

Kull said...

I am so happy for you!!!!!!! I can't wait to meet him in person. Congrats!!!

Donna said...

An answer to the faithful prayers of many people - Thank you, everyone! When I saw that photo of the three of you standing in front of the sign at the agency, my heart burst with pride for how strong and steadfast the two of you have been through all of this and with joy for your/our expanded family.

Love you, Mom/Grandma

Kull said...

Congratulations!!!!! I never had a doubt. Knew if God had brought you this far,He wouldn't let you down now. What a beautiful addition to the family.

Great Grandma Dot

Matt said...


Matt and Carrie