Tuesday, October 19, 2010

No vaccines....for today anyways!!

Max had his dr. visit today. He's had a cough that Stephen and I have been a little worried about. No fever though. Thankfully the dr. gave us a couple prescriptions. Max needs three injections and one oral vaccine before we leave, but because he's sick the dr. (with mommy and daddy's full agreement!) decided to push the shots off until Thursday. Max was such a champ. He did everything the dr. asked of him and held very still as she listened to his lungs. After the appt, it rained big time to we stayed around the hotel room and made our own fun! We have our board meeting first thing in morning, so we'll be calling it a night early. Please be praying for a super smooth board meeting. Both Stephen and I are a little nervous! We just want to board to see us for the awesome family that we are!

Good night all! Enjoy the video! Sorry no fun pictures today :(


Kull said...

Take it easy, the board meeting is nice and simple !
No worries - they will see you as a beautiful family.

It was really nice to hear Max´s video and hear his laughing.
Atte went nuts hearing his voice and started to laught out loud himself too :)

Good to hear that Max is almost ok. Our boy got a little flu because of air conditionig, he wasn´t used to that at children´s home. Hope he will be well soon !

Tarja and his boys

Kull said...

Noah got a kick out of the video! He thought Max was a hoot. He kept saying, "more Max baby, more Max baby!"

The board meeting is going to go great! The 3 of you look like you have always been together. Our thoughts and prayers are with you guys and we can't wait for you to come home!!!

Love you!

Team Collins

Kull said...

The Board meeting will go great. They will see how awesome you all are together. God Bless you!

Kull said...

Hey Guys! So glad to see everything going so smooth. We have been going through the blog, making sure Mamaw gets to see all the pictures. Katelyn loved the video, when she heard Max laughing, she laughed out loud with him. Mamaw says she cant wait to get all the great grandkids in one room! She is pretty excited, just like the rest of us! Take care, we all love you and our prayers are with you.
Uncle Bob, Aunt Cindy, Mamaw, Gretchen, Natalie and Katelyn.

Kull said...

I laughed so hard I spilled my bowl of cereal on me. He is to funny. Gail