Sunday, October 24, 2010

Lumphini Park

We had an awesome day at Lumphini Park today! Too bad though that it was soooo stinkin' hot!!! But, we had a blast in spite of it!!! The park was beautiful! We took a fun paddle boat ride. We weren't too sure if Max would enjoy it or be scared, but he did just fine!!! After our ride, we just had fun walking around taking in all the sights! Its pretty cool because this super beautiful, super green park is set smack in the middle of all these super tall buildings. Kinda surreal actually!!!

We took the sky train again today all over Bangkok it felt like. Just about the time we're really getting the feel for things and feeling comfortable roaming around, and now we're leaving!!!

One more day to relax tomorrow. Not sure yet what we might do. Might venture to a new part of Bangkok that we've heard lots of good things about! And maybe we'll start the day out again with a couple hours at the pool. This boy is addicted! He's getting so stinkin' brave! And the pool is about the most perfect thing you can do here! Walk just about anywhere for more than 30 seconds and you're drenched in sweat!!! But, I better not complain. I'm sure I'll be missing it come December in Illinois!! Night all!!!

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Kull said...

Steven, you need to tan...LOL Can't wait to see you when get back.