Thursday, October 14, 2010

Foot massage anyone?!?!

So, day one in Bangkok has been great so far! We ventured out and are getting a feel for the area right around our hotel. The hotel recommended this fantastic spa and Stephen and I each had an hour foot massage for $10. $10!!!! Are you kidding me?! Had a hard time staying awake in the chair, it was just what we needed!

Our hotel room is awesome. 1200 square feet, two bed, two bath. And check out the bath tub, I think I could swim in it!!! I know Max could for sure! We're looking forward to bath time!!!

And check out the views from the living room window!!

The Thai people are incredibly friendly, and so eager to help us find our way. Dinner out tonight, then hopefully a good night's sleep (any thing is better than last night's 3 hrs!) and then we're off to the babies' home to meet Max!!! We meet our driver in the lobby at 9:00, meet the social worker at her office at 9:30, then its a 40 minute drive to Pakkred. Stephen and I both are on cloud nine. We meet our boy tomorrow!!! And, I know this sounds silly, but I'm pretty emotional these days. Just about anything even slightly referring to Max, adoption, or motherhood can make me cry! And, I had one of those moments when we were unpacking. That's right folks, no longer are we a two toothbrush family, now we need three!!!

Weird I know. But, its the little things!!! Ok, off to dinner. Tomorrow is the big day! I can't wait to blog about the awesomeness that is our son!!!! Love you all!


Donna said...

I share your sentiment about the tears, my dear! We will be thinking about you ALL day today!! And I am so jealous about that foot massage!

Kull said...

I am so excited for you! I bet Max can't wait to see his wonderful parents..

Emily said...

I am praying so much for y'all. I can't stop thinking about what a huge feeling you must have in the pit your stomach. I'm so excited to see Max's sweet little face next to y'alls. I'm sure everything is a blur, but I hope you're taking lots of pictures and trying to savor the moments. Max is so blessed to have y'all. We love you!

Kull said...

Nothing is silly about being emotional! I love the toothbrush photo... could it be my Dental Hygiene background? SO excited for you all, and can't wait to hear and SEE more! Love, Aunt Julie