Saturday, October 23, 2010

Busy, busy, busy!!!

So, I totally ran out of time today yesterday and didn't even have a chance to blog!!! We spent a large part of the day at a souvenir mall, which we actually ended up buying very little at!!! But, it was fun to look!!! The traffic here is crazy, so it takes super long to get where you want to go! Most of your day is spent traveling to your destination!!! We ate at Hard Rock Cafe for dinner, and it was delicious!!! Just like home! I've got some pictures, but I think I'll just include them in tonight's post! It's 7:30 am here now, and I'm excited to start our day! We're heading to a famous park here, Lumphini Park, kinda like Forest Park in St. Louis. They've got these monitor lizards we keep hearing about that are a couple feet long! They just roam the park!!! I want to see what Max thinks about them! Then, next to the park they have a Night Bazaar I think we'll check out! It's fun to be out in Bangkok at night! Its still so busy, with so much to do!

Sorry again about the late post, and no pictures. We'll take lots today! Love you all!!!

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