Sunday, October 10, 2010

Do we have enough stuff?!?!

So seriously, how much can a family of three need for a two and a half week trip? Well.....apparently a whole lot!!!! We've got a suitcase for mom and dad each, a smaller one for Max and then a whole extra suitcase packed full of "stuff"! Toys, books, gifts...all kinds of "stuff"!!! I've never been known as a light packer, just ask Stephen, but I really tried hard this time! And even yet, we've still got four suitcases plus our carry-on's!!! Oh well....gotta be prepared!!!

About 36 more hours and we're on our way. Reality has set in today I think. Stephen and I keep asking each other "Can you believe we're really going to meet Max?!?" This must be what it feels like when you go into labor. Like, "holy cow, here we go!!!" God is so good, and we're beyond thrilled to be a family of three! (Even if its means extra suitcases!!!)


Kull said...

Well Angela, leave some room for souvenirs also.
You can get everything from BKK.
There´s lots of nice wonferful shopping centers and smaller one´s to get everything a for a cheap price.

We bought a 3rd suitcase for A when we left BKK and I can sure you that every space was well used :D

We could manage with lot less clothe´s, because the laundry service was very fast and cheap at our hotel, we used that many times.

Gifts to Children´s home we bought from BKK, because it was really much cheaper to buy it there. Nannies and teahcher´s gifts were original Finnish hand made ;)

Take 2 camera´s and one video camera ( with two or more batteries), so you will have another one to replace if needed.
And do not hesitate to ask someone to video your family´s first meet.

That is so precious moment.

Oh, I can see you at the house when you will get Max. I think he is going to be there allready waiting for you and playing with toys when you entered that house.
Our A was, and we were little bit surprised about that ;)

Tarja and his boys

Kull said...

He needs more stuff - a Harley - and a couple of guitars on the wall


Eddie P

Kull said...

I am so sure by now sleep is very hard to come by. Remember to take care of yourself so you can take care of him. I am so excited for you. I am praying for awesome travels for all of you. Gail Spicer