Saturday, June 22, 2013

We made it!!

Yay!  We are here!!!  We are so unbelievably tired and jetlagged, but, we're here and that's all that matters!  Today, the friends we are staying with have two hour massages arranged for us in their yes please!!!  So looking forward to that!

Max was quiet and pensive as we drove through BKK last night.  Granted he couldn't see much in the darkness, but the importance of being back in the country of his birth is not lost on him and I pray this trip is as special to him as it is to us!  He woke up excited and ready to explore!!  Hoping to post some pictures of our day tonight!!  Thanks for all your prayers for safe travels!!

Our window view from the plane.  As we could slowly began to see the city lights of Bangkok below us I couldn't help myself from tearing up.  All four of us are FINALLY in the same country...we are within just two hours of our girl!!!

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