Sunday, June 23, 2013

Massage and ice cream anyone?

Oh, jet lag has set in big time!  But, today has been wonderfully relaxing so I can't complain too much :)  We are staying with Lek, the amazing volunteer who cared for Max before he came home to us and her husband Edmond.  They were kind enough to have their masseuse come to the house today and both Stephen and I got 2 hour massages!  You read that right.....2 hours!  It was awesome!

Max has been LOVING his time with Lek and Edmond!  He has settled right back into being with them and its clear the three of them have a very special bond!   It is emotional to watch my little boy laugh and play with the two people who so deeply loved and cared for him before we could be with him. 

Tomorrow we are heading to Pakkred, the babies home where Max lived for his first three years.  Max says he's very excited to go and seems to have no reservations.  I know the experience will be a heavy one and we've been praying for a long time that this visit will be a joyful one for Max.  Please be praying with us tomorrow (it will be 10pm Sunday night for you all) that God will protect our sweet boy's heart and that Stephen and I will have the right words for what I am sure are many questions that will come from our visit.  As a family we discuss very openly Max's adoption and the love that his Thai mommy had for him to chose life for him at Pakkred, but I have to imagine there are hundreds of possible questions we've never thought to address.

Thanks for all your love and support!!!  Its been wonderful reading all of your facebook comments and posts on the blog!

This is the lego set that Max would play with when he would come to Lek and Edmond's house years ago!  I LOVE that they kept it!

Swensen's Ice Cream for dessert!!


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How special that Max is able to reconnect with these special people who played such important roles in his life. And it must be reassuring to you, as his parents, to see how God has been caring for him all along. I'm sure the same is true of your daughter! Praying for Max's time at Pakkerd!

Unknown said...

Please send our love and best wishes to them. We will always be grateful for the love and special attention they gave to Max in his early years!! God's blessings to them always, from "Grandma & Grandpa" Kull (Max & Donna)

JC Joines said...

This is such a great journey for Max and all of you. I know that God will give you the right words to say . . . he certainly has so far. Max is teaching ALL of us lots!!!

Robyn Carr said...

I love following along and I am praying for an update about a positive visit to the babies home! <3