Thursday, June 20, 2013

First stop....Chicago!

Well the adventure has in fact begun!  We ended up bringing four suitcases instead of the three of was hoping for :(  But, we've made it onto the train, back off the train and through crowded Union Station with them and we did ok, so I think we will survive!  It will however be a brand new challenge when we add a potentially squirmy two year old to that mix!!

The train ride did not disappoint for Max!  For the first fifteen minutes he kept saying "this is just so cool!  We're actually on a train!"  Then the rest of the three hour trip was spent doing this....

For me, the train ride began like this...

  But eventually became...."babe, we packed the ___ right?"  or "can you just check your bag one more time and quadruple check all our important papers are in there?"  My mind was racing!!  When it wasn't racing though, I was blinking back tears as the realization that we are FINALLY on our way to our girl hit me in a new wave!  Oh I'm a hot mess....but I love it!

We're going to attempt to stay up as late as we can tonight and get only a couple hours of sleep that way we'll be plenty tired when we board the plane in the morning.  As if he wasn't excited enough about this huge trip....this is Max's view from our hotel room

A perfect view of the O Hare run way!  He's been watching planes take off and land all afternoon and he just keeps saying...."oh, maybe that ones ours, I think its that one!"

Thanks for all the prayers and support!  We love you guys!


Team Harjavalta said...

Hi there,
your writing sound so familiar, those feelings and double check´s and everyhting :D

Atte was wondering if Max´s backpack is Cars2 ?
Atte wanted to take his cars2 backpack with him if Max has his aswell.

Have a safe flight. We will follow you within few days.

Take care.
- Tarja and boys

Robyn Carr said...

Love the pictures! Safe travels today/tomorrow! :)

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

We kept all of the important papers in a big backpack, which had file folder tabs, so we could find everything in a moment. We had a lock on it and kept it on Jay's back at all times, so there was no chance of forgetting it on a train. Yes, it's very exciting and nerve wrecking! Can't wait to see how Max enjoys the plane rides!