Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Today we met our daughter

What an incredible day!  There are no words for the emotions you feel when you first lay eyes on your child.  Ellie is amazing!  She's so beautiful, ten times more so than what we saw in pictures, she has the longest eye lashes I've ever seen, her voice is low and raspy like Max's was and she is 100% daddy's girl already!  She was very unsure when we first met her at the babies home, but within a few minutes she decided she wanted Stephen to hold her and she literally hasn't let him put her down since!

We were originally told that Ellie would stay and the orphanage one more night and then tomorrow we could bring her with us.  But, they felt that since she latched so strongly on to Stephen right away it was best to let her continue with that bonding time and she came back with us today!  We are now officially forever a family of four!!

Ellie has shown some appropriate signs of grieving, but they are definitely much stronger than what we experienced with Max so we are in uncharted territory here.  We would really covet prayers as she begins to hopefully bond with and trust us.

Max is an INCREDIBLE big brother, just as we knew he would be.  He's quick to bring her anything he think she might need or want and he wants to make sure Ellie sees anything "cool" that he's doing.

And now for the part you all really want....pictures!!!

Our first "family of four" photo!!!

 The photo book we sent her months ago!

Still can't believe BOTH of my children are together!!

I had to wait to sneak in my cuddle time when she fell asleep :)  

We are so in love!


Robyn Carr said...

So happy to read the story of yesterday's adventures and, of course, see the pictures! I am so happy for you and will continue to pray for good transitions for all FOUR of you!! <3

Christi Donsbach said...

How amazing!! I'm so happy fo you guys!! What a beautiful family of 4 you are!

Brazenlilly said...

YEAH! So happy to see these pictures and her beautiful face with yours. We'll continue to pray for hearts to be healed and mended. She is just precious and way to go, big brother Max!

Carey N. Green said...

My heart is so warmed by these photos... blessings to you all!

Jayme Stewart said...

My heart is filled with joy and happiness for your family! I have been checking your blog/facebooks non-stop the past few weeks. I am so grateful and blessed to know such an amazing family. God is so good!!!

Joey.and.Ashley said...

Love it! Congratulations!!

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How amazing that she got to go with you the first day! We had the opposite with Penny. It took her a long time to open up to Daddy. Lots of prayers for you all as you start this beautiful life together as a family of four!

Ericka B. Jackson said...

AHHHH!!! I am so THRILLED for ya'll! Ellie is absolutely adorable! Love seeing you as a family of four! Can't wait for more updates. Hope you're enjoying Pattaya - if you need any more info about anything down there that we might be able to help with, let me know via facebook! :)