Friday, June 7, 2013

The best surprise EVER!!

We've been down in Texas for the past week tagging along with Stephen on his work trip.  Our last seven days have been jammed packed and there's been very little family time.  Lots of Max and I hanging out at the pool during the day, but not a lot of time for the three of us :(  Stephen was able to last minute move some things around and we made our way to College Station, home of Texas A&M, Stephen's alma mater.  Max is obsessed with a handful of, musical instruments, and Texas A&M.  In all fairness, his obsession has largely been influenced by Stephen's love for the school, but he's obsessed none the less!  Max was completely surprised and kept asking "are we at Texas A&M?!?!" as we drove up to campus.  Stephen (being in development himself) has a lot of friends at the foundation on campus so Max got the VIP treatment!!

Our ride for the day!  

 Sooo excited!!!

Its such a beautiful campus!

Private access ON the football field!  I was even pretty excited about this!

Next stop, Blue Bell Park, home of A&M baseball!  Max was beside himself excited!

Max explained to me "I hope that when I come here, the A&M catcher is ready to be tired (he means to say "retire" but its so stinking cute, sometimes I don't correct him!) because that's what I'm going to do!  I'll just be an A&M football fan, but I'm going to be ON the baseball team!"

 This was such a special day for Stephen to get to share with Max!

Max "posing" next to Stephen's signature on the alumni wall for the Singing Cadets.  

 Max just couldn't contain his silliness he was too excited!!

We ended the visit with some awesome Texas barbeque and Max couldn't stop talking about all he'd just saw!  I'm not sure what plans God has in store for our boy's future, but I sure wouldn't be surprised if they include Texas A&M!  Feeling very blessed to have this special time with Max before we bring our sweet girl home!!


Katie said...

Very cool! I'm glad you were able to have a special day as a family of three. Soon it will be four! :) See you in Thailand!

Robyn Carr said...

Wait...did that say "wall for SINGING cadets"? As in Stephen sings and I somehow didn't know this? Staff duet? I think YES!! :)

JC Joines said...

Oh YES, Robyn . . . I think you guys should do a duet!!! Who knew? And poor Max . . . I'm praying for him that he'll kick this addiction to AggieVille. Poor kid. LOL