Saturday, June 22, 2013

Blogging from Seoul!

First leg down!  Man oh, man that's a long time on a plane!  Our little rock star did AMAZING!  Max has been nervous about flying ever since we started talking about bringing Ellie home.  The only other time he's been on a plane was when we brought him home, and it wasn't such a pleasant experience for the guy :(  But, this time was totally different!  He was SO brave during take off (the part he was most nervous about) and had a blast watching movies and playing games!

Now, we're killing two hours in Seoul and then its on to BKK!!  Can't wait to go to sleep tonight...or this morning...what ever time it is!!!

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JC Joines said...

Awesome pic of the 3 of you. Even Stephen! LOL Saying lots of prayers for safe, easy travel for you guys. I'm getting more excited just reading your excitement. Hugs!