Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Back to Bangkok

Today we headed back to Bangkok from Pattaya, though it was not planned that way.  Ellie's medical appt for her Visa was scheduled for much sooner than we originally were told.  Though we were sad to leave Pattaya without getting to explore much, the upside is that our place in BKK is at least three times bigger, and we're seeing that perhaps the change in scenery was a good thing for our girl.

She has really started to enjoy playing with Max today.  He's so patient with her, and we're seeing a bit of her goofy personality come out!

Since today was pretty boring as far as blogging goes, I thought I'd tell you all some of the things we've learned about Ellie so far.

* She LOVES to snack on goldfish crackers and fruitloops
* She is a hard sleeper
* She is not tender headed at all!  Last night I had to take out what felt like 50 tiny hair bands that the
   nannies had put in and she didn't flinch once!
* She loves to look at herself in the mirror.  She just smiles and sways back and forth :)
* She's got a bit of a rough and tumble side.  When playing catch with the bouncy ball with Max she
   wasn't afraid to really get after it!

Can't wait to find out a million more things!  Not sure what tomorrow will hold....maybe some souvenir shopping!

Sorry for the lack of pictures today, a lot of the day was spent in the car and getting "moved" out of one hotel and into another.

Crazy hair before bath time

So pretty!

LOVE seeing both our kiddos playing together!

Dancing and smiling in the mirror :)

Such a goof ball!


Team Harjavalta said...

Hi there,
in what hotel are you staying in BKK ?
We are coming on saturday there.. maybe we might see earlier than planned ?

Your Kids look both so beautiful, even better when together.


Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So precious! Hope the medical exam goes well!