Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome home!!!

Just like with Max, our small gathering of family and closest friends welcoming Ellie home was something I was most looking forward to!!!  We took the Amtrak down from Chicago and they were all there to greet us at the train station!  It was so emotional to see everyone there (well almost everyone, we were missing Uncle Ryan and Aunt 'Ginia but we were able to face time with them and we felt there love 100%)!  Even the man from Amtrak who helped us with our bags off the train got teary eyed!!

Ellie was quiet and took it all in, just like her brother almost three years ago.  Our sweet friend Joey (who has an amazing talent and a photography business) took pictures for us and once I get those I'll be sure to post them.  These great photos are from Stephen's dad who also has quiet a talent.

The back of everyone's shirt said something (Mom, Aunt Rae Rae, Grandma, etc).  Hattie and Ellie are the only girls on my side so her shirt said "future BFF" on the back :)

After the train station we headed back to the house for lunch and a little "welcome home/belated birthday" party.

 Ellie's Aunt Rae Rae is so crazy talented!  She whipped this up with just some paper and a couple markers!

 Holly, the sweet girl who watches Max for us made these DELICIOUS cupcakes for the party!

Ellie got the hang of opening presents real quick :)  And she LOVED the wings Max picked out for her!

It was a perfect day and the perfect way to welcome Ellie home!  Now we are slowly making our way back into reality....back into laundry and dishes and the mundane to-do's of daily life.  But there's a new peace in it.  She's here....she's finally here!  As I'm typing this post she's munching on her breakfast across from me making silly faces and things just feel right!  God has blessed us SO abundantly!!!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a happy homecoming! So happy for all of you!!! Yes, God has blessed all of you abundlantly!