Thursday, July 4, 2013

We rode elephants!!

Today was so fun!  The boys got to ride on an elephant, and feed them!  Ellie was very shy around the HUGE animals, which was just fine, since she clung to me for comfort :) 

The kids also fed turtles and the biggest catfish we have every seen! 

This "little" guy is five months old!  I promise Max was having a great time...his face looks like he's a little frightened :)

View from the elephant

Max fed the turtles banana pieces from a stick.  There were soooo many of them!!

Ellie kept wanting to eat the bread herself...but she finally figured out the concept :)

Another fun day of adventure in Thailand...tomorrow we're on to the aquarium with Lek and Edmond and the Koivisto family.  Max is LOVING his time with his buddy Atte!!

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