Sunday, July 21, 2013

Just hanging out

Well we've been home a week and its been quiet.  Ellie is certainly feeling more comfortable with everything and we've settled into a great routine.  So far we've kept things just the four of us but I think this week we'll try a small play date or two and see how things go.  I'm missing my wonderful friends and I'm sure Ellie will love getting to know some more kiddos.  Here are some pics from our lazy week.

Getting all checked out at the doctor's!

 Playing at the park!

SO in love with these two!

Playing dress up!

 "Baking" cookies

Ellie loves to play with this pie/sorting toy she got!

Today Max and I got some special time together and went to the movies and Ellie and Daddy got to hang out.  It was great for all four of us and I'm sure we'll have many more "date days" in our future!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

How wonderful how the four of you are beginning to settle into your new routine. You're such a beautiful family!