Saturday, July 6, 2013

So blessed

What a day!  We have been LOVING our time with Edmond, Lek, and the Koivisto family.  What an incredible blessing that our two families are in Bangkok at the same time and our boys not only get to spend time together, but with the two people who have loved them the longest!

Today Lek and Edmond threw a birthday party for the boys since we were all together and the big "6" is right around the corner for both of them!  What an incredible surprise! 

Two super handsome boys!!

Next came the presents, and my oh my were the boys surprised!!!  SO incredibly kind of Lek and Edmond to get the boys each a Nintendo DS3!!!  Max shouted "I've been wishing for one of these!!!"
Can you tell he's excited?!

Afterwards....the gathering got a whole lot quieter.... :)

 And yes, that's our daredevil little girl in the background jumping off the stairs...fully trusting Mommy would catch her each time :)

And speaking of Ellie...

Please excuse how creepily close my face is to the camera!

Just one of the many awesome things about having a little girl...matching fingernails!!

Oh my word, this girl is SO goofy!

Somebody enjoyed the cake :)

It was an amazing day spent with incredible people!  Not sure when we'll all be together again, but we certainly plan to make it sooner rather than later!!


Team Harjavalta said...

Still amazed all what has happened.
Tears in my eyes, heart is full of happy things. Oh what a journey.

It was our pleasure to be also part of your trip to Ellie.

Tarja and his boys <3

Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

So glad for you all and glad to see that Max looks like he's feeling better!