Monday, July 8, 2013

Visa appointment....check!

Today we headed to the U.S. Embassy to "interview" for Ellie's visa.  Its more of turning in all the necessary papers, but they do want to see everyone face to face and ask a few simple questions.  They said her Visa will be ready Wednesday at 1pm!  Just in time for us to grab it and head to our airport hotel to shower and rest before our flight that night!!!  Sooooo close to heading home...can't wait to introduce our girl to her new life!

Ellie is doing AMAZING considering the start we had to our trip :(  This adjustment is hard, and that's not lost on us, but she has really become so comfortable with the three of us and besides nap and bedtime, is a pretty happy girl! 

This is her "say cheese" face!

Tomorrow we will begin packing everything up and run out to get a few more things that are left on our list of souvenirs.  Two more days and we're heading home!!!


Robyn Carr said...

Glad to hear that everything is going so well!

Team Harjavalta said...

Good to hear everything is going smoothly.
Soon you will be on your way back home.
I believe you are all very ready for that to happen :)

Hi fives Family Kull <3

- Tarja