Monday, July 1, 2013

Taking it easy

Today we headed to JJ Mall to look for some small souvenirs and trinkets to bring home.  We were hoping to find some things to put around our house that would remind us of this special trip each time we saw them.  We also wanted to get something special for each of the kids' rooms.

Well we were in luck!  Both the kids were very well behaved and we just about found everything we were looking for!

Beautiful elephant paintings for Ellie and Max

Thought this would be a cute reminder of our journey to four!

Max's find for the day.  Can you tell he's excited?!

We ended the day with a trip to the pool, and this time Ellie wanted to get in!  Right now, both of my munchkins are chasing each other around our hotel room, squealing as they bump into each other.  Today came with LOTS of giggles and a few more sweet moments between me and my girl.  Thanking God for the joy we are beginning to see coming from Ellie as she settles into our family.  Praying tomorrow is even better!!!

Yes, those are gummy bears stuck to their foreheads, and this is their best "lets look tough" faces :)

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Justin Seno said...

It looks and sounds like you and your family are having a good time. Congrats on the new addition and memories.