Monday, March 21, 2011

Mickey Mouse!!!

This past weekend, Max went to "Disney on Ice" with his Meemaw and Pops. Boy, oh boy, did he have a blast! He's still talking about it! If the pictures are any proof, they all had a GREAT time! They got great seats, just off the ice, so Max was close enough to wave to Mickey, which he thought was awesome! He also had fun dancing along to all the great music! And, to add even more "coolness" to the day, Stephen and Max took a "train" ride in the morning (actually the local metro!) just for fun, and then, Max got to ride the "train" again with Meemaw and Pops to the show! How much better can it get for a boy?!?!?
Stephen and I got to enjoy the day just the two of us, and we took advantage of it! We shopped some (my favorite part!) and then hung out and watched some basketball (Stephen's favorite part!) It was a great weekend!!!! Thanks Meemaw and Pops for making Max's day!!!

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