Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This past week, we headed to Nashville, first for work for Stephen, and then for a fun couple of days with Stephen's folks. We rented a house in the most beautiful setting near Springfield, TN and had so much fun! It rained the better part of the time we were together, but it didn't matter! Max is a floor puzzle aholic, and his Grandpa Max is his perfect side kick! Just about every time I turned around, the two of them were sprawled out on the floor putting one together! And, Grandma scored major "cool" points for bringing a new car and truck for Max to play with!!! And of course, in true Kull family form, a LOT of ice cream was eaten!!
It was so fun for Stephen and I to get to watch them "discover" all the cool new things he's saying and doing! Sometimes we take for granted just how far he's come since we're with him everyday. But, to see it through their eyes, its awesome! Hopefully this time, there won't be such a long stretch between when we see them next!!!!!

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Mireille said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I must say your son is soooo adorable!! I love his spikey hair! Cute cute cute!
I have twin girls from Thailand, adopted at the age of 3 when we were living there, but they are almost 9... time flies when you are having fun!