Sunday, May 13, 2012

Loving my boys and dreaming of my girl

Oh, what a day! I just love mother's day! Who doesn't love a day where you get a little extra spoiled...fussed over a little more....get a couple extra "I love you's". I certainly do! Today was perfect in every way! Me and my favorite boys headed to church for a fantastic service where our pastor encouraged all the women to take time and "pause". To really enjoy the life God has blessed us with, to not be so tied down by our lists and tasks that we forget to really live our life. Definitely something that resonated with me. I am Type A to the very core, and a list maker like none other. In the story of Martha and Mary, I am Martha's long lost twin sister. So, I need to hear (often) to chill out....the house work will still be there...the laundry will still be there...enjoy your son...enjoy your husband....enjoy life!!! So, that's what we did today! After church we went to a local Thai restaurant that we love and feasted on some delicious food. Though there is clearly some "western" influences to it, just being amongst the people there, and experiencing the smells and hearing the language does us good. Our hearts are really longing to be back in Thailand these days. We've felt that way frequently since we returned from there in 2010, but we've of course been feeling it stronger than ever now that we are awaiting a referral. Its such an amazing place. What a blessing that we are forever tied to the country! Max made me a super sweet card, and in Sunday school, the kids made canvas totes with their hand prints on them. The boys (Stephen really!) gave me the sweetest necklace. It has both of the kids names stamped on it (yes, we have our daughter's name chosen. We know God knows exactly who ***** is and so we are praying specifically for her by name.) In this time of abstract in the adoption process, it helps Max also to speak of her by name. So, Stephen, proud Daddy that he is, chose a name for his sweet daughter (one that we all love!), and we're having fun keeping it a secret for a bit longer!! The necklace also has stamped on it "mahn dah rak" which means "a mother's love" in Thai. I am totally in love with it. We better announce our little girl's name soon because I want to wear this bad boy outside of the house!!
I got a little emotional today (hard to believe I know!) when I told Max how honored I was to be his mom. To think that God blessed us, chose us, to be the parents of this insanely incredible little boy just blows me away. And to know that heart ache came to one woman and I am sitting here with my arms wrapped around this amazing little boy. Most times the emotion of it all makes me cry. We ended the day skyping with each of our mom's (who are so incredible might I add), riding bikes and playing baseball outside. Doesn't get much better than that! This is Max's last week of school and then, bring on summer!!!! Hope you all had an amazing Mother's Day.


Catiejoyce said...

I LOVE the necklace!!! So glad you were pampered and got some extra love on Mother's Day. I know it feels like someone is missing, but it looks like you enjoyed the day anyway. :-) I can't wait to hear her name and be able to pray for her BY name too.

Brazenlilly said...

What a great gift! The necklace and the boy. ;)