Sunday, April 22, 2012

a thankful heart!

Yesterday, Max sang at a festival with the other kids from his preschool class. I gotta say, he was the cutest little one there!!!
I'm also behind on posting an Easter picture. We had a great family day, and didn't stop to snap many photos of the three of us, but we did get a sweet shot of Max from him singing at church that morning. LOVE our children's ministry at The Fields, they are doing great work with our kids!!
Also, yesterday was the first of two rummage sales that our friends from church are doing on our behalf to help us fund raise for the adoption. A-MAZING, that's all I can say. The generosity of our community (everything was by donation only) and the love and hard work of our friends was so humbling to experience. Just like when we were journeying through bringing Max home, it is incredible to witness the people in your life as they come along side you and begin to love this child who's face they've never seen. In many ways, they are just as excited to meet our little girl, what a blessing that is!!!

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