Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Birthday Meemaw!!!!

Last weekend was a blast! Can't believe I'm only just now getting around to posting about it though! I've officially stepped back into the world of the working (outside of the home that is!) and its been a bit of a shocker to my system! These early mornings are kicking my booty! But, Max is adjusting great (I'm technically only going to be working a day or two a week but right now during my training, its a bit more) and Stephen has been incredible and stepped in where ever he's needed. All that to blogging was pushed way down on the list of priorities!

So, back to last weekend! My family came into town for a visit, and of course we couldn't pass up the opportunity to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday!!! We made a cake that the boys all got to decorate (a tradition we started last year, and one that my mom really loves!) and Max made her a very special birthday hat that was all his idea! We also celebrated Easter a little early and had a fun egg hunt! The boys played baseball, kickball and just about every other sport at some point during the weekend. As always, we had a blast and the time flew by!

Now we're gearing up for Easter tomorrow and I'm soooo excited about it this year! Because of his age, Max REALLY gets what tomorrow is all about. I love hearing him talk about how cool he thinks Jesus is, and how thankful he is for his salvation. Sometimes he has difficulty articulating exactly what he's feeling, but lately (usually at bedtime when we have our family bible time) he's really starting to share and ask really incredible questions. He said last night "if I had to be on the cross, I would have screamed and cried, but Jesus, he chose to do it because he loves us." Well that about sums it up right there! Tomorrow he'll get to sing a special song during the service with his class about the resurrection and the joy and hope it brings a lost a hurting world. If there's one thing Max "gets" its the fact that tomorrow is a day to celebrate!!

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