Thursday, March 22, 2012

One step closer!

Our dossier (the super important packet of paperwork we've been working on for the last several months) was sent to Thailand this week!!!! This is a HUGE step in the process of bringing our little girl home! Our agency has decided that instead of sending our papers to DSDW (the social welfare system in Thailand) to find a match for us, they will instead send it directly to Pattaya Babies Home for them to match us. This is pretty exciting for us because we know with certainty that our sweet little girl is somewhere in that home. I have to be honest....I've developed a slight obsession! Pattaya has an AMAZING website (just google it) that they update daily with photos, (like hundreds of them!) and every couple of days, I'll go on the site and just browse through the pictures. Now, all the kids are adorable.....but my eyes go straight to the little girls. My heart races a little at the thought that I've already seen her face! We know from experience with Max that waiting is the difficult part, and we're prepared. But, our agency has a great relationship with Pattaya, and more importantly, we serve a God who's timing and plan is perfect in all ways. So, we'll rest assured in that, pray for peace.........and I'll keep stalking that website!!


embraced by grace said...

Hello, we are adopting from Thailand as well. What agency are you using? Krista

embraced by grace said...

Are their waiting children pictures? I only found adopted children pictures.

Stephen and Angela said...

Hi Krista, we are using New Beginnings out of NY state for our international agency. They don't have a traditional "waiting child" program like other agencies. There aren't any pictures of waiting children on their website. But, we are pursuing the adoption of a "special needs" child meaning we filled out a questionnaire of what medical and social needs we were comfortable with. With my medical training, we feel really led to provide a home for a child that might otherwise be considered "hard to place." Hope that answers your questions!