Sunday, May 8, 2011

One blessed Mommy!!!!

What a great Mother's Day this has been! For the past couple of years, as we've journeyed to bring Max home, Stephen has done an amazing job of making Mother's Day special, but there's nothing that can compare to having my little guy march up the stairs this morning with his home made card Daddy helped him make and hear him declare "Happy mudder's day!!!!" I seriously teared up!!! The boys got me beautiful flowers, we went to church together, ordered pizza for lunch, had a family nap, and now we're headed out to play some basketball in the driveway (Max's new favorite sport and check out the picture of him in his Daddy's old t-ball t-shirt! I love that he can wear that!!). Its really been a perfect day with my boys, just the way I'd want it! I'm so blessed by these two guys!! Oh, and I got a wonderful surprise yesterday! My mother-in-law sent me a beautiful plant to put out on our porch! Such a sweet gift, and I'm so excited about it! Happy Mother's Day to all the mom's out there! My own fabulous mother is in Hawaii right now (sooo jealous!!!) celebrating her 30th wedding anniversary to the love of her life (who just happens to also by my dad!!) Love you both!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

I'm loving your posts. I can tell that you are so happy to be a mom. And so sweet to hear about how Max is learning about Jesus, too. God bless your family!