Thursday, May 26, 2011

Finalization Day!

"I want to stay with Daddy and Mommy for eba and eba!!" Those were my sweet boys words to me this morning as we got ready to head to the court house. We've been talking this week about what this court hearing means, and explaining to Max how happy Stephen and I are to tell to the judge that we are so in love with our little boy, and we can't wait to once and for all make it 100% official! Well, Max wanted to make sure that his opinion was heard too!

This morning could not have gone smoother. Although, I will say, the whole thing was a lot more "official" than I thought it would be. Both Stephen and I were called to "testify" and I was beyond nervous. Not that we had any reason to believe that anyone would see us as anything other than what we are, a family, formed by our AWESOME Father, happy and healthy....but we had encountered so many stumbling blocks and hiccups on the road to actually bringing Max home, that it felt as if at any moment the judge would notice a piece of paper was out of order, or a document was missing. But.......everything was great, and the judge was lovely and so kind, and I cried way more than I anticipated, and I fell in love with my husband even more than before. Our lawyer asked us as we were walking in "Who wants to do most of the talking." Stephen looks at me with a wink and says "I got this." She called him to the stand first, and I don't know what it was exactly, but something in the way he answered her simple questions, and the confidence in his voice as he assured the judge that our love for Max is unfailing.....oh how I love that man!!!

We gave Max the choice on how to spend the afternoon. And he wanted to go the movies. We chose to see Kung Fu Panda II, and little did we know it had such a strong adoption theme.....perfect movie for today!!! Max had a blast and ate WAY too much popcorn!

We're gearing up for a party this Saturday with friends and family and Max is super pumped. Max's favorite question to ask anyone who will listen these days....."Are you coming to my party?!" Silly kid!

Great day....Incredible we are BLESSED!!!

Heading into the courthouse!

The judge said "Hello Max!" and Max said "Nice to meet you!" She got a kick out of that!

Its really dark and I kinda chopped Max's head off, but the movie was about to start and it was the best I could get!

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