Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter!!

What a wonderful Easter!!! We started our day off with an INCREDIBLE Easter service at our church, where Max sang with the other children. It was the coolest thing to watch him! He had been practicing at home all week, and he was soooo excited to be up there!! It was so special for Stephen and I to have Max be a part of such a special worship service. These past several days especially, we've really been talking with Max about Easter, and how awesome the story of Christ's resurrection is! Its hard enough for a three year old to really grasp, let alone one who's still fairly new to English, but we really think he's "getting it"! Last night, when we were praying as a family, Max's prayer was "Jesus, thank you that you are wwwwaaaaayyyy up high now!!!" (aka "risen") Makes sense to us!!

Stephen's sister (Aunt 'Ginia) was in town this weekend, and it was so nice sharing the weekend with her too! We colored eggs, and then Max hunted for them today after church. His Easter basket was filled with way too much candy, but even cooler than that......he got a replacement guitar! The one he had gotten for Christmas has been out of commission for a while. I think it took him all of three weeks to wear through all the strings. So, we got him a simpler (and cheaper!) one to use for now! Luckily for us, he's got a great imagination, and he's not at all picky! He's been using his baseball bat as a guitar since his last string broke, so since he saw the new one this morning, he's been on cloud nine!!!

I'm also including pictures of the Easter gifts we made for Grandma and Meemaw this year. We painted small flower pots for them and Max had a blast! We used my mom's as center piece for her birthday that we celebrated week before last, and since we had to mail Grandma's all the was to N.C. we decided to send along packets of flower seeds that she could plant at home!

We are LOVEing the weather these days! Max can't get enough of being outside and I don't blame him! Hope you all are having an incredible day and as we were reminded in our service today I pray you are celebrating the EPIC VICTORY of Christ!

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