Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Perfect Valentine's Day

So, being the only girl in the house, sure has its perks, especially on Valentine's Day!!! My boys were so sweet to me! Stephen let Max pick out something to give me, and true to who he is, he picked out a Mickey Mouse cookie! We planned to share it over lunch, but turns out, it tasted terrible!!! Its the thought that counts. I also got flowers delivered to me!!!! Not a huge flower girl myself, but its still really nice to get them every once in a while! Plus, I LOVE the notes that Stephen sends with them, he's so darn creative, and I usually end up laughing hysterically! Max and I spent the day decorating the dinning room and making a special dinner for Daddy. We also baked and frosted cookies! Such a fun day, with my two favorite Valentines!!!

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