Thursday, February 10, 2011

Beating those winter blues!

So, like most of the rest of the country, we have had a TON of snow and ice the last week or so! Stephen actually took a snow day one of the days, so that was a nice surprise! Max and I were finally getting into a grove of going out during the week and doing different things when.....we were all of a sudden stuck in the house for a week! So...we did the best we could to be creative and have some fun! We played lots of games, including Candy Land for the first time, we baked cookies, made bagels pizzas for lunch one day, played with playdough, had multiple movie nights with Daddy, and oh let us not forget.....LOTS and LOTS of drum playing on Max's part!!! If that boy doesn't grow up to be a musician in some form, I'll be amazed! I also tried to really take the down time and work with Max on learning his colors (something that still really has him stumped) so, we made some "color" pictures from magazine cut outs. All in all, we had a lot of fun! And, it must have been from being stuck home with Mommy and Daddy all week, but I feel like all of a sudden, Max's English vocabulary has doubled! Its awesome. His new thing is adding "real quick" to the end of everything. "Mommy, I'm going downstairs, real quick." "Mommy, I gotta go potty real quick". Silly kid!

Enjoy the pictures, and stay warm!

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HW Adoption said...

Angela - So happy Max is doing well. Our boys are doing well too!