Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas tree #1

Well, I just couldn't wait any longer! As a lot of you know, we're in the middle of a move for Stephen's new job, but I still had to put a tree up in our current place! So, what we decided on was using a pretty crummy looking fake tree from Stephen's college days here at the duplex, and then we'll put up our nice, fancier tree at the new house. I was just soooo excited about sharing this super fun tradition with Max! I can't believe he's here, decorating the tree with us! I remember last Christmas like it was yesterday, praying that it was the last one we'd spend without our boy!! And, yay.......he's here now!

So, we had a nice little family time decorating our less than stellar tree....but that's okay! Max didn't seem to care at all! He kept saying "Christmas tree!!!" over and over again! And, he's already a pro at all the Christmas songs, with his favorite being "Jingle Bells." He'll literally sing it at the top of his lungs! Such a cute guy!!!!! We've also been reading all our Christmas story books and Max likes to remind us that Christmas is "Baby Jesus' Birthday!" Love, love, love that boy!!!!!

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