Monday, December 13, 2010

Building a "Doggie" house!!

So, that's what Max kept calling our ginger bread house, a "doggie" house. But, that's okay, we still had a blast!

The house is a TOTAL mess with us getting ready to move this weekend, and Max has been such a trooper, with all of his toys slowly disappearing into boxes. Stephen had bought us a ginger bread house kit to make one day while he was at work, and I figured today was the PERFECT time to take a break from all the packing and have some fun with my little man. He did so darn well following directions, and LOVED licking his fingers when he "accidentally" got icing on them!!! He was so proud to show it off to Stephen when we were finished!

Speaking of the move....Saturday is the big day. Stephen has already started his new job at Eastern Illinois University and he's really enjoying it. We're going from our little two bedroom rental to a big two-story, four bedroom house, so we're looking forward to giving Max lots more room to run around!!!!

Looking forward to finally being settled! I feel like we've been in transition ever since Max came home. Its been wonderful....but crazy!!!!!

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