Thursday, November 4, 2010

Two peas in a pod!

So, we hoped it would be the case, but it was AWESOME to see just how well Max and his cousin Noah got along. Max still can't stop talking about him! While all our family was still in town, we all got together at my folk's house for a barbecue. We also all headed to the park across from their house for some good ol' fashion fun! The boys had a blast!!! Where one went, the other followed! That was also Halloween night, and while Max wasn't quite ready for trick-or-treating himself, he had a good time checking out Noah's dinosaur costume! Max also LOVED checking out Pop's motorcycle!!

In the one week that we've been back in the states, we've noticed an INCREDIBLE boost in Max's English! Seriously, he keeps blowing us away! He's just so darn smart!!!! We're having an absolute blast just being a family of three, and settling into our own little routine at home.

Enjoy the pictures!!

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