Monday, November 15, 2010

And look at him now!!!

Wow, its hard to believe that it was one month ago today that we picked our shy, quiet little boy up from the babies home. Wow, have things changed!!! Max LOVES, and I mean LOVES to entertain! If he's getting a laugh, then he's done his job!

He's always singing, or dancing, or being goofy somehow. I love it!!!! He's such a happy kid, and hopefully that's a reflection of his happiness being with us! He's talking a ton now, and always wants to learn new words. I never thought he'd catch on so quick! Yesterday he went to childrens' church for the first time, and he did great! God's word is so true. He knew the plans he had for us, and they sure were plans for our good! Max is the best gift we could have ever received, and we are a PERFECT fit!

Thought I'd share a little video of his latest "performance"!!!

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