Wednesday, October 16, 2013

3 years of awesomeness!!

I LOVE Forever Family Days!  Yesterday we celebrated Max's third!!  In years past we spent the whole day celebrating, but this year with Max being in school it kinda cramped our style a bit :)  Max (of course!) chose Thai for dinner and originally or plans were to head over to a carnival that EIU was hosting for homecoming week....unfortunately little sister had other plans and just couldn't get a handle on her tantrums :(  Max was so gracious and opted for ice cream sundaes and a Wii tournament at home instead.  I love how understanding and adaptable he is.  So few things bother him, he's just a chill guy!  I could use to take a few pointers from him :)

These last three years have flown by and I still can't believe how blessed we are to be a part of Max's life.  He is the most amazing (not so) little guy and we are so excited to see what his future holds.  God has already begun some amazing work in his heart and we pray he continues to run hard after Him as he grows up!

Yummy Thai food!!

Yeah, we're pretty goofy around here!

LOVE this boy sooo much!!

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