Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life in pictures

Ugh, I hate how crummy I've become about blogging.  You know its bad when your hubby asks if you've given up on it completely :(  I just can't believe how quickly each day passes lately.  Ellie has been home three months today!  How did that happen?  So, to achieve maximum "catching up-ness" I present "our life in pictures"!  Enjoy!

 Anyone experienced the craziness of colored bubbles?  Ellie kept saying "uh-oh!" each time they popped on her, but as you can see....she LOVED it!!

First EIU home football game of the season.  Ellie LOVED her first game! 

Keeping in touch with Daddy while he's on the road for work!

And then welcoming him home!!

Max in his studly new glasses.  Ugh, he's growing up too fast!

Fun at the park!

E's first haircut at home....done by mommy!

Ok, I feel a little better :)  Now back to our busy life!

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Jay and Chandra and Penny Regan said...

What a cute haircut! Good job, Mommy! It looks like you are such a happy family! God's blessings on you all!