Sunday, June 17, 2012

Royal Thai Consulate....and a trip to the zoo!

We FINALLY made our way to the Royal Thai Consulate in Chicago. Almost two years after Max came home...and the documents were all in place to officially register his adoption! But what matters is that its been done, and it was an easy, super pleasant experience! The people at the consulate we very friendly and they loved Max. It took all of 15 minutes and they gave us a copy of Max's original Thai birth certificate along with a letter of proof of his Thai citizenship. We are proud to say that Max is 100% an American, but we are also VERY proud of his Thai heritage and will always honor that, so it was a special day!

Then, to add to the celebration, we headed to the zoo! Since being home, believe it or not, with all the traveling we've done with him....Max hasn't been to a zoo with us! So that was on our bucket list for this summer for sure. It was a great day and Max had a blast! Seriously....have you ever seen a cuter tiger.....

It only took the guy 60 seconds to do that!  Max thought it was soooo cool!  (so did we!)  Opinion of  the Bloomington zoo.....small but no crowds, super cheap and all in all, two thumbs up!


Bridget said...


When did you get your letter to go to the consulate? We still havent' gotten ours yet? Did you have to ask to get it?


Stephen and Angela said...

Bridget, we didn't officially "ask" for it. Our agency forwarded our finalization paperwork to Thailand and let them know we were officially finished with all necessary steps to complete the adoption on the U.S. side. Once they knew that, they began the process of preparing the "letter" that comes in the mail. Its basically a form telling you that "the Thai gov't has received proof of U.S. finalization and they are forwarding that to your local Thai Consulate. Then, you'll receive a letter in the mail from your local Thai Consulate, asking you to submit copies of your passport and a copy of the "Letter of Agreement" that you signed at your DSDW board mtg in Thialand. Not sure why you have to submit those as they should have all that, but alas those are the steps! Once they receive all those documents, you can call and schedule your appt.

All that being said...Max's finalization court date was May 26, 2011....over a year ago!! So, if that is any indication of just how long the back and forth of the paperwork takes, you could be waiting a while. The longest wait was definitely just initially hearing back from Thailand with that first letter after our court date....that took over 6 months (but that did over lap some with the timing of the floods so I'm sure that played a part).

You know, I just reread your post...and now I'm wondering if this was even what you were asking! Hopefully I didn't bore you with too many details! Hope everything comes together quickly for you guys!

Bridget said...

Thanks Angie. Our agency has such a different process than Holt, it is so confusing. Glad to hear you all are adopting again. Good thing we adopted twins! I am not sure we could do this all again! Praying for you and your family.