Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The circus and baseball fun!

Getting caught up on our fun..... Last weekend we took Max to the circus with his cousins. It was great! The boys were really into it and sat through the whole two hour show without any trouble. That says a lot! The boys were particularly obsessed with the motorcycles (you know, the ones that cram WAY too many of themselves in a tiny steel cage and drive in circles....CRAZY!!!) The picture of Max with his arm around Noah is of when they were oohing and ahhing together over how cool the guys were. Those two seriously are the best of friends! Love family moments like these, making memories and being together!! And then last night we had Max's first t-ball game. What a blast! He was sooo excited to play...he's been practicing for months. He looked ridiculously cute in his uniform!! It was a great game and Max played great. They only play 3 innings in t-ball. The kids hit off the tee for the first two, and then the coach pitches to then in the final innings. Max was up to bat first for coach pitch....he walked right up to the plate, and cranked it into the outfield! I know all his times at bat won't be like that, but it did a lot for his confidence for sure!

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